Apache: CVE-2011-3192 httpd: multiple ranges DoS

Apache 脆弱性 CVE-2011-3192 のメモ

いわゆるApache Killer 関連について。

apr_bucket という構造体。

Apache 2.0系の場合、ソースは srclib\apr-util\include\apr_buckets.h にあった。

 * apr_bucket structures are allocated on the malloc() heap and
 * their lifetime is controlled by the parent apr_bucket_brigade
 * structure. Buckets can move from one brigade to another e.g. by
 * calling APR_BRIGADE_CONCAT(). In general the data in a bucket has
 * the same lifetime as the bucket and is freed when the bucket is
 * destroyed; if the data is shared by more than one bucket (e.g.
 * after a split) the data is freed when the last bucket goes away.
struct apr_bucket {
    /** Links to the rest of the brigade */
    APR_RING_ENTRY(apr_bucket) link;
    /** The type of bucket.  */
    const apr_bucket_type_t *type;
    /** The length of the data in the bucket.  This could have been implemented
     *  with a function, but this is an optimization, because the most
     *  common thing to do will be to get the length.  If the length is unknown,
     *  the value of this field will be (apr_size_t)(-1).
    apr_size_t length;
    /** The start of the data in the bucket relative to the private base
     *  pointer.  The vast majority of bucket types allow a fixed block of
     *  data to be referenced by multiple buckets, each bucket pointing to
     *  a different segment of the data.  That segment starts at base+start
     *  and ends at base+start+length.  
     *  If the length == (apr_size_t)(-1), then start == -1.
    apr_off_t start;
    /** type-dependent data hangs off this pointer */
    void *data;    
     * Pointer to function used to free the bucket. This function should
     * always be defined and it should be consistent with the memory
     * function used to allocate the bucket. For example, if malloc() is 
     * used to allocate the bucket, this pointer should point to free().
     * @param e Pointer to the bucket being freed
    void (*free)(void *e);
    /** The freelist from which this bucket was allocated */
    apr_bucket_alloc_t *list;


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